Thanks to all of your generous donations 220 kits have been distributed to girls at the Nakatuli Primary School and also Kitatya Secondary school. CINTA, my partnering organisation in Uganda visited the schools and talked both to the boys and girls in the areas. The visit was bittersweet. In conversation with the boys it was explained that the boys sometimes go fishing in their free time to make some extra money and to use this money to buy sex off the girls. Many of the girls use transactional sex to be able to afford sanitary items to enable them to remain in school but also to avoid infections from tattered rags. However, as the kits were distributed the girls were excited to try them out, as most of them had never seen a sanitary pad before. Nakiranda, one of the students at Nakatuli Primary school confessed that she once experienced bad leakage whilst menstruating and in school, she remained in the home for the rest of the week to avoid embarrassment. We need your help! one kit cost less than $5 and provides girls with sanitary pads and clean underwear. Please consider the next time you spend $5 on a coffee what that money can do for these school girls. I sincerely and full heartedly thank you all that has supported this cause so far and thank you again for your continued support. Every dollar counts! Big hugs to you all Fredrika

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