MWD Distribution Update

Mid October this year the second distribution of #MenstruationWithDignity kits was carried out at five school located in the rural areas of the Iganga district. The five schools that was visited were carefully selected in collaboration with the local Governments and District Education Office and the decision was based on the most urgent need for sanitary items.

Most of the households in these specific areas where the schools are located are living on less than 1 USD a day. 85% off the parents are farmers with small parcels of land and no alternative sources of income. Sanitary items are a rare luxury.

The girls at these five school were prior to our arrival predominantly using old cloths as substitute for pads during menstruation. However, many decide to simply stay at home during the week and miss school.

Only 2% of the girls in these schools could afford any type of sanitary items on a regular basis. Most of the girls did not have any underwear to attach the pads to so in addition to the sanitary kits, the project officials distributed around 80 pairs of underwear to the girls in the school who owned only one or no underwear at all.

I am once again so grateful for all of yours donations. It is thanks to you that this project is even possible. I want to be as transparent as possible with where exactly the money goes to and how your donation is being used. We try to keep operation costs such as vehicle rental and gas to the minimum so we can reach as many girls as possible.

The breakdown of kits distributed this round can be seen below


Banada Primary school 59

St Mulumba Primary School 47

Nabitovu primary School 30

Nambale Primary School 54

Bubogo Primary School 68

Total 258

so far we have distributed over 470 kits!

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