Lefkos, Karpathos

August 12, 2019

Greece has always been my favourite country for summer vacations ever since I was little. I've done packaged trips, backpacked, island-hopped and tried a variety of party islands, busy islands, family friendly islands and most of all; quiet islands. It's been about 25 years since I first stepped foot on the Greek Islands (and for some weird reason kissed the tarmac to my mothers horror) and I have found my absolute favourite spot ever. Little Lefkos on the west coast (about 35km from the airport) of the Island of Karpathos. If you're looking for buzzing beach parties, touristy plate throwing Zorba dinners, or ever just a bit of shopping, Lefkos is not for you. It has a handful of restaurants, less hotels and even less shops. It is my definition of heaven. 


Lefkos actually has more different beaches than it has stores. There are three main beaches in little Lefkos and a few more within walking distance outside of the tiny village. The first one is sheltered by a small harbour on one side and a mountain on the other and has clear, calm and stunning turquoise blue waters and fine sand. The next beach is more hidden away from the restaurants and foot traffic, with slightly more movement in the water. At the end of it there is the best little beach shack you can imagine, owned by a couple who will serve you Frappes and home-baked Baklava. On the other side of this cafe is the third and most windy beach which is perfect for hot summer days. And that my friends, is all of Lefkos village.


During the day people drive from different parts of the island to swim at Lefkos all day but in the evening the village is as quiet as can be. Most of the restaurants are family owned and they make you feel as welcomed as if you were eating in their home kitchen. I stayed with my mum in one of the apartments at Sunset Hotel which is a situation on a beautiful terrace overlooking the village, 150 m up a hill from the beach. It is covered in pink bougainvillea and the mother and daughter running it treats you to all kinds of home-baked goods as well as their own oregano and other herbs to take home with you.


Like many other popular vacation destinations, Greece has many beautiful islands that unfortunately has been invaded by too many tourists and lost part of its charm. Karpathos is far from that. I hope it stays this authentic forever, and that little Lefkos gets the perfect amount of respectful tourists every year to support the local businesses. If you're not impressed with glitz and glamour and genuinely just want to relax on some of the prettiest beaches in Greece and eat yourself full on authentic greek food, this is the little village for you. Enjoy!








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