March 24, 2018


Last week we had the pleasure to welcome this years National Sleep Day with a sleep retreat at Michelton Wines. Thanks our lovely host Kristina Karlsson, founder of Kikki. K, we got to enjoy an afternoon of yoga, meditation and delicious food. 


One of the guests was nutritional biochemist Dr Libby  who talked about how we can set ourselves up for a good night sleep. As many of you know I am a full blown caffeine addict and although her talk on caffeine and sleep won't make me give up my morning coffee for good, I have definitely decreased the amount of coffee I have in a day. 


What has made me think twice before reaching for that second cup of coffee are a few main points that I learnt from Dr Libby:


1. Caffeine simulates the adrenal glands and fires up the sympathetic nervous system and simulates a 'fight or flight' response. Back in the day, we would get this from being chased or attacked, but now that is being triggered by our morning coffee at our desks. 


2. When in the sympathetic zone the blood flow is directed away from he stomach and to the arms and legs (to facilitate fight or flight) and therefor can interrupt digestion and your overall stomach health. 


3. Coffee can cause stress on our bodies as it is forcing us into that stimulated zone. 


This talk made us all think of our sleeping habits and how many of us are stuck in bad habits that further interrupts a good nights sleep: our use of screens before bed time. The Blue light from electronics affects the melatonin (sleep hormone) levels. 


I love that Kikki. K as a big company is really committing to make our lives easier and healthier. I am definitely not taking my sleep for granted anymore and am going to deliberately try to make some smarter choices when it comes to both bed time and those first few moments after waking up in the morning. As Kristina says, a good night sleep starts the night before, so good bye to afternoon coffee and late night scrolling through my phone. 



Michelton Wines and Hotel

Dr Libby

 Sleep Journal, Tea pot and cup, all from Kikki.K 




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