Umahanya Rice Fields

June 24, 2017

Umahanya is a little village in Gianyar, about 15 min drive from Ubud. If you done the regular tourist rice field trip while staying in Ubud and it left you wanting more then this is the place. Although there are a few villas here you rarely see any tourists. The village is a slow paced wonderland where the kids play with kites on the slim roads where the rice has been left out to dry on large woven mats. there is no fees to pay like at the touristy ubud rice fields, no 'photo stop' signs or cars. We spent the day talking to villagers, admiring the prettiest palm trees you can imagine (I know, I'm obsessed) and strolling through the little pathways that are diving the different lots of the rice fields. This is Bali.  Now, the genuine and authentic feel of Umahanya also comes with the fact that there are no restaurants or streetfood, so we headed into Ubud for a feast at my favourite spot: Alchemy. Bring on sundried tomato crusted pizza please! Also, when you're in Ubud don't forget to find the little coconut ice cream shop opposite the market. It is to die for. 


Wearing Spell & The Gypsy Collective




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