Bali | Villa Naga Putih

June 21, 2017

On the steep hills down towards the river about 3.5 km outside of Ubud there once was a legend which has given this villa its name: Naga Putih; the white dragon.This three storey stunner has four bedrooms and five bathrooms (which meant that me and my friend Jenna that I travelled with lost each other about once every hour), media room, a big balcony, a large deck and pool area. It is quite the overwhelming space that gives you that 'never ending' feeling, It even has a little vegetable garden!  


Upon arriving on our first night the amazing staff had cooked us dinner and it was probably the best Nasi Goreng I have ever had! Most of the staff are from the local village of Umahanya and knows the area so well (came in handy when I woke up the first day and my phone was completely dead. With no sign of being able to turn it on or fixing it and a week ahead of me in Bali where I literally had to do all my work over my phone I was so screwed! Esa, the villa manager drove me on his bike back and forth around to shops where I could replace my phone, couldn't have done it without him!).


You can literally spend hours just looking over the jungle valley from the pool or in one of the day beds around the house. We had all these plans of things we were gonna do in Ubud on our first day but we ended up spending the whole day in the villa. How can you not when it looks this amazing?? Scroll down for all the photos!


It is truly a breathtaking place to stay at, especially if you're a larger group of people so you can take advantage of all that space!








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Red dress from Sauths

Blue dress from Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Hat from Lack of Color 





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