February 2, 2017




A few days ago I had the honour of joining Adidas and Karlie Kloss on their #NEVERDONE tour around Australia! The workout was led by the amazing Tanya Poppett and in the hot sun we were all sweating away outside of Crown Casino in Melbourne. 


Although I cannot remember the exact workout I've included some of my favourite exercises from the sequence below, try it out for a supermodel workout! To get the #neverdone outfits, click here. 


 With my mega babes Sarah from Matcha Maiden and Brooke from A Conscious Collection 

Get the outfit here


Highlights from HIIT workout with Tanya Poppett:





Plank with shoulder taps (above)

Deconstructed Burpees (right and below)


Deconstructed burpees:

3 x pushups (modification on knees)

3 x jump forwards (below)

3x full burpee 







Lunges (right)

Frogs (below)



Squeeze the knees out with the help of your elbows and move your hips up and down, the burn is insane!



 ABS: you can do these in any order (30 sec each = 2min!) :

1. Shoulder taps

2. Tabletop with knees off the ground

3. Plank with cross over leg (lift up, tap on the outside of opposite leg)

4. First two combined

Thank you ADIDAS, THE ICONIC SPORT and absolute goddess Karlie Kloss for the day! I'VE BEEN SORE FOR DAYS!!!

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