Losing sight on what is yoga

November 25, 2016

My Instagram (@fakander) started as just another yoga inspo account. I was teaching yoga fulltime and was always at the studio. To me, it made sense for me to share my practice, my successes and failures. It was my everyday life. However, the pressure to always do better, more advanced and extravagant poses became more and more apparent. After moving to London and doing my masters my practice fell behind, I taught less and less classes and forcing a fancy yoga shot in a freezing, busy street in London for a good shot for a brand all the sudden seemed ridiculous. It wasn't real. I wasn't practicing much and when I did, it was basics to get my mind settled - not to challenge my body. When an old injuries flared up I stopped completely for a few months. 


Many people have asked me why I haven't been posting any yoga shots. The truth is that I haven't been practicing that type of yoga. My practice has been less physical, more mindful and definitely not fancy or extravagant in any way. There are so many amazing and inspiring yogainspo instagrammers that have stunning and inspiring pictures. 


However I have to keep it real and I won't do anything my body tells me not do because a brand or my own internal pressure is asking me to. Why? It is not yoga if the body and mind is not connected. At the end of the day we should all treat our bodies with respect and love, and if the day ever comes where I am fully connected in my practice and it makes sense to share it - I will. For now, back to basics.. Downward dog anyone?


 Wearing: Seafolly http://www.seafolly.com/ 

 For more photos from this shoot check out my portfolio


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